"When my husband passed away suddenly in our home I was shocked to learn the ambulance do not take away the body, I didn’t know what to do so I got on the web and found funeral comparison, who helped me get things sorted quickly with no fuss. Its not an easy task to get sorted and I wouldn’t want to do it again but I can say that funeral comparison helped me in my time of need."

Jane O’Connor

About us

Funeral Comparison is the UK’s largest free search that allows you to find the exact funeral requirements you require in-line with your budget.

In your time of need it is the single location for you to easily find everything you need with regards to the funeral arrangements. Funeral comparison gives you the user the power to decide what you want, without having to ask the awkward questions like how much will it cost, we will break down the list of services you require and then you can choose the funeral director that best fits your needs.

We deal with all Independent Funeral companies* in the UK and Ireland as we feel the quality commitment empathy and care that comes from independent funeral companies is greater, and best for you in your time of need. Furthermore with independent funeral directors, generally, you have one point of contact to assist you all the way through the process, from start to finish, creating less stress for you during this difficult time.

Our business philosophy is to try and assist our clients to the best of our ability and ensure that we serve you during what could be the most distressing time of your life. Our professional and courteous staff is here to help you and we want to go the extra mile to ensure things run as smooth as possible for you.

Where we make our money

We work closely with independent Funeral Directors and charge a small finders fee for the services we provide via our website. There is no cost to you for any of our services