What are disbursements and why can they not be added into the price upfront?

Disbursements are costs that are out of the control of the Funeral Director. If you click on our Funeral Costs page you will see a typical example of what a Funeral Director can provide with “professional services” further more things like coffins and car hire are a known entity to the funeral director therefore it is easier to cost those things in advance.

Things are involved with disbursements are:

  • Flowers
  • Newspaper notices
  • Service sheets for the ceremony
  • Book of condolences
  • Cremation / burial costs
  • Doctors certificates
  • Church
  • Minister
  • Organist etc...

As you can see these things are not controlled by the Funeral Director, what is more these prices vary from location to location. If you live in London and were thinking about a burial it may cost £10,000 or more, where as if you lived in York it may cost £1000, this is why they are called disbursements. It really is up to you to how much you want to spend on flowers and additional bits. If you are working to a budget be sure to talk to us or your Funeral Director about disbursements as they can easily add up quickly.

We have (where possible) listed an average price for some of the disbursements but please be aware this is just to give you an idea of the costs and may differ vastly depending on what part of the country you live in:

  • Flowers – (personal choice from £50 - £500)
  • Newspaper notices – from £25-£50
  • Service sheets for the ceremony – from £25
  • Cremation – approx around £500
  • Doctors certificates – approx £150
  • Church – approx £300
  • Minister – approx £100
  • Organist – approx £100

In terms of the burial costs this cannot be averaged out because it differs too much depending on where you live. If you are thinking about a burial and also have a budget be sure to speak to us and we will able to give you an approximate cost.