Emergency Helpline

If you are unsure what to do and this is an emergency here are the top tips.

Sometimes things can move so fast it almost feels unreal, our aim at funeral comparison is to make this emotional time as easy and stress free as possible.

Tip 1

Stay calm and although it will be hard try to focus on the something different.

Tip 2

Don’t make any rash decisions on your own, try to talk things through with friends and family, if you need to talk to someone contact us 24hrs a day.

Tip 3

Contact any other people that need to know about the situation, family friends and even your work if you cannot attend.

Tip 4

Start to work out what are they key areas regarding the funeral that you are important to you and your family, like location, cremation, cost & budget.

Tip 5

Use our search for funeral companies that fit what it is you are looking for or call us direct.